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Gain Valuable Insights into Your Dividends
Navigating your dividend income streams can be challenging, but we've simplified the process. With our innovative perspectives, you'll effortlessly manage your dividends. Explore your Dividend Composition, Upcoming Payouts, Changes, and more with ease.
Centralize Your Holdings and Portfolios
Streamline your investment management by consolidating all your portfolios in one convenient location. Easily add and organize your portfolios to gain a comprehensive overview of your investments. With our intuitive interface, you can effortlessly view your holdings and group them by assets or sectors. Take control of your investment strategy with personalized insights tailored to your unique financial goals.
Seamless Dividend Calendar Insights
Streamline your dividend tracking experience with our intuitive Dividend Calendar feature. Stay informed about upcoming dividend payouts, ex-dates, and earnings dates at a glance. Navigate through your dividend schedule effortlessly and plan your investment strategy with confidence. Gain valuable insights into your dividend income flow and never miss an important date again.
Effortless Portfolio Tracking with DivTracker
Take control of your investment portfolios with DivTracker's comprehensive tracking capabilities. Whether you prefer manual input or seamless integration with your US brokerage accounts, our platform empowers you to effortlessly monitor all your investments in one place. Stay updated on portfolio performance, asset allocation, and market trends with ease. Simplify your investment journey and make informed decisions with DivTracker.
Explore Detailed Stock Insights
Delve into comprehensive details about any stock with our extensive data hub. Access detailed insights into earnings, latest news, dividend history, and vital statistics like P/E ratio and payout ratio. Whether you're researching potential investments or monitoring existing holdings, our platform provides comprehensive data to support your decision-making process.
Effortlessly Import Portfolios From Popular US Brokerages
On-the-Move Dividend Tracking
Discover a seamless investment management experience through our app's intuitive interface. Monitor and manage your investments with ease, track multiple portfolios, forecast income, and access the latest dividend information. Elevate your dividend income management by downloading our app today.
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This has to be the best dividend tracking, investment software by far. I had been looking for a long time for a dividend tracker and came across this. Not only does it track your dividends, keeps you updated on news but can also be used on multiple devices. The author is very quick in answering questions and listening to suggestions on updates. Honestly you won’t find a better platform which tracks U.k and USA stocks. If you do please let me know but I’m very confident YOU WONT!

- Spearbiker

I’ve been using DivTracker for a few years and it’s the best DivTracker app I’ve seen. John is always upgrading the app with new useful features. Top notch support and quite reliable, syncs with my iPhone, keeps me on top of dividend changes etc. Its almost too good a bargain for what it does. Should cost more. (I can’t believe I’m saying that). Terrific job!

- Lebcompute

Great App! Recommend the premium version very cheap compared to other apps and nice simple app with very detailed analytics and very easy on the eyes! Great app that I will use daily to keep up with my earnings 🙏🏿

- JoCro123

Great app! Keeps me informed fast!

- dc0074

This is the best dividend tracker I’ve found. Highly recommended!

- boldi24

Thanks for creating this app. I really love using it and have recommended it to others. Your customer support is top notch!

- Kris

I really like this app! It is really helpful and does an outstanding job tracking my portfolio!

- reviewUSAtoday1

I love this app so much. It’s accurate and fast. The only Dividend Tracker I have paid to use.

- lilnuhu

Really enjoy using the app. Keeps data and upcoming dividend information close at hand. This app provides a value add service to my investments.

- Das4776

I’m enjoying this great app that features a great way to maintain all your stocks. I purchased as I wanted a one stop shop to track my overall performance and especially my dividends, which it does a superb job at. Love the calendar feature that it will show when dividends will be paid that you have in you portfolio. In addition, it will even give you estimates on dividends in coming months. Always can improve but would not change any information on here. The app gives you a great birds eye view of your portfolio performance. GM 🏆

- Turf17

Please read this everyone. If your here looking for an app to track dividends. Your at the right one. I have tried all of them on the App Store and this one is the best!!! This is the first review I have left on any app in over a decade of being on iPhones. Use this. It’s amazing.

- JonnyB0612

Have tried all the dividend trackers in the app store it feels like. And this is by far the best. No errors in dividend amounts or dates, no glitching with ETF dividends, and the new dividend change feature is awesome. Keep up the good work guys!

- joejoe338

I had been looking for an app to track multiple portfolios and I could not find one that met my needs. This app not only tracks multiple portfolios but it offers much more information than any other app I came across. The ability to track stock dividends and review projections is amazing. When I loaded my stock funds there were several that were not being tracked by the app. On several days I reached out to have specific funds added to the roster. Each time I received a quick response and the funds were added to the list. Great app and terrific response from. The developer. Bravo.

- HKGr8

Awesome app, tracks returns with no hassle. Great price for yearly. Thanks guys

- JadenLindner

I love everything about the app... From the assumed payout and amounts paid monthly/annually. Easy UI and you can track multiple portfolios in one place 5✨

- Joziah's father

I have been using this app for about a week. I really love it. It gives me messages when my dividends are being paid out. It also allows me to know what my income will be currently and what it will be in the future. I checked out many dividend, tracking services, and so far this is the best one that I have come across.

- KCDA58

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